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Dodgion's American Bulldogs
Weight Pull

We are currently APA weight pull judges.  Contact us if you are interested in hosting an APA weight pull, want to train with us, or just have some questions.

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Weightpulling isn't just for AB's . . .
Cathy Thomas' Presa, Tianna, is im-pressa-ive! Check out her Presas at Oakleaf Ranch on our Links.

Tequila, Tianna's 2 yr. old pup . . .
Pulled 1,025 lbs. his first time in a harness and on a cart!

John Reo's Cheyenne really gets into it.

Blaze at 5 months old.
Blaze is going to be an awesome pulling and working AB.

Hunter, a Mini Aussie . . .
Will try anything for her trainer Samantha.

     There are many great and upcoming weight pull dogs, and these are just a few of the ones we've had the pleasure of seeing and working with.  The great thing about weight pulling is that the dogs enjoy it almost as much as the handlers!

Cali at 10 months old.
Anybody else want to get on? I'll pull ya all!

Conditioning a young pup for weightpulling.
Steve Kearby's young female AB.

Crush owned by Dave Rogers.
Learning at approx. 10 months old.

Steve Russell's APBT . . .
Pulling at our APA show in July 2004 . . .

And Steve's AB pulling at the APA pull.

Steve Russell and Shad Hughes
trophy award.jpg
Took home all the gold at our APA pull! Congrats!

     If you have any pictures of your dog weight pulling, we'd love to include them here. 

Dodgion's Rowdy Rudy (Louie x Ruby)
Learning to put his nose to the ground and pull at 11 mos.

Getting the hang of it at approx. 18 months old.

Cisco finishing his first pull after a year off.
Pulled 1425 lbs. like it was nothing!

Kruella DeVille (Turbo x Hot Rod Destination)
Training for her first competitive pull at 18 mos.

Shad Hughes' APBT pulling . . .
at our APA show in July 2004.

Bob & Paulette Dodgion
1800 Hoskins Lane
Auburn, CA  95603
(530) 368-6456 or (530) 263-3456