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Dodgion's American Bulldogs

Dodgion's Ruby Doll (3/4/98 - 3/17/06)

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A 3-week old rolly polly!

Bob and Ruby in April 2001.


     Ruby is a very confident, protective, and dominant female.  She is also a very loving family pet for us.  Just make sure she knows you are supposed to be in our yard!

     Ruby suffered breaks to both her back legs before she was a year old.  Nothing genetic -- when one leg gets broken, it is common for the other to break at some point due to overcompensation.  Both legs were surgically repaired, although it stopped her from competing in conformation or doing serious bite work.  Matt Green, a knowledgable trainer in our area and fellow bulldogger, had worked Ruby, and said her bite was awesome, full, and hard enough to break his skin through the sleeve; yet her temperament was such that she thought of this as fun and he could pet her immediately after working her.  
     Ruby was so much like her daddy, Tank.  She had tons of energy and drive.  Ruby was a real protector, but a big love to our family and strangers if she knew they were okay.
     On top of everything else, Ruby was OFA Fair!
     We lost our beloved Ruby on March 17, 2006, to Hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of the lining of blood vessels and spleen.  This is a highly malignant cancer that presents little warning and causes a rapid death.  It is impossible to verbalize the void in our family that losing Ruby has caused.  We are just so grateful for having had her and, although we miss her daily, she is always alive in our hearts.


Already has nerves of steel at 2 months old!

Getting ready to hit the field!

Doing some limited sleeve work with Matt Green. Not bad for a girl that had 2 broken back legs!

Full "undershot" bite on the leg!

Doing what she loves -- tug-o-war.
Ruby has a strong heart for competition. She has beaten 100 lb. dogs in tug-o-war practice.


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