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Dodgion's American Bulldogs
Dodgion's UKC Ch Big Louie of Lewis

March 4, 2001 - January 26, 2003
RIP our loveable Louie -- We miss you.

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     The early morning hours of January 26, 2003, brought a horrible sight -- our big, loveable Louie lay near death from some unknown cause.  As we rushed him to the emergency vet some 20 miles away, we told him we loved him, stroked his head, and cried.  Moments before we arrived at the vet, Louie died.  We will never know for sure why (the cost of an autopsy would have been astronomical), the vet could only speculate that he may have been poisoned or his kidneys shut down from some acute medical problem.  
     Louie was extremely people friendly, and at 22 months old was developing his working abilities.  He was changing every day, and was being trained for weightpulling with an eye on obtaining his BST once he matured more.  We were letting Louie be a pup as long as he needed to be, and we were enjoying every moment with him.
     Louie was a UKC Champion, having obtained that title on September 30, 2001, at the age of 6 months.  We do not know of any other AB that has become a champion that young.  We were hopeful of obtaining the important ABA Champion title as well, together with a BST and an IWPA weightpull title.
     Louie had fathered a litter of pups with our Ruby Doll that were born on October 29, 2002, and we were fortunate enough to be "left" with one male pup.  Our Rowdy Rudy is a reminder every day of our Louie through his wonderful temperament and playful personality. 
     Although we will never know why Louie died, one thing we know for sure -- we will never forget our big huggable, loveable Louie!

UKC Ch. Dodgion's Big Louie of Lewis
Louie showing off his UKC ribbons at 6 months old.

Practicing his "That's right, I'm bad" look . . .
or is it his "Please pet me, I'm still a puppy" look?

Practicing his conformation stand at 16 months old.

Doing some playful tug at 11 months old.

Developing nicely at 16 months old.

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