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Dodgion's American Bulldogs
Dodgion's Rowdy Rudy
Dodgion's Big Louie x Dodgion's Ruby Doll
10/29/02 - 2/20/06

Rudy was Best Bully in Show at Pacific Coast American Bulldog Club fun show January 9, 2005.

We decided to keep Rudy when his dad, Dodgion's Big Louie, died in January 2003 -- and are we glad we did!  Rudy got the best from both his parents, and we loved him so much. 

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I love my human dad!
The best thing about Rudy is his love for people.

Playing tug-o-war with mom (Dodgion's Ruby Doll).

Starting conformation at 3-1/2 months old
I looked so good, I got Bob 2 blue ribbons at the AZ show in 2003!

Showing off at the Pacific Coast American Bulldog Club fun show on January 9, 2005.


Big boy at only 9 months old!

I may be sweet, but . . .
I really love to hit that sleeve!

That wasn't even hard. I knew I would win!


     Rudy was such a big, loveable pup all his life.  Rudy was non-aggressive towards people or other dogs, but had drive on the work field.  He was a very social dog with a wonderfully sound temperament.
     Sadly Rudy began having cluster grand mal seizures in early February 2006.  The diagnosis was epilepsy.  After much research of epilepsy in canines and after consulting with our vet regarding treatment, we made the very difficult and devastating decision on February 20, 2006, not to allow Rudy to suffer any longer.  Our research revealed that proper treatment with Phenobarbital would be difficult and timely to determine, would have to be adjusted frequently due to age and weight, and even with this treatment the seizures would most likely continue to some extent.  After witnessing Rudy suffer more than once through multiple seizures in a day and what he went through trying to recover from each seizure, we believed this was not a good life for Rudy.  It was because of our love for Rudy that we made the heartwrenching decision we did.
     We were blessed to have Rudy for the 3 years of his life, and he will always be remembered and hold a special place in our family. 

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