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Dodgion's American Bulldogs


Dodgion's Big Louie x Dodgion's Ruby Doll
This Tank is a Dodgion's Tank of Rockhaus grandson (DOB: 10/29/02).

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     Tank is owned by Bill and Kerri Conklin and their 2 young sons in New York.  Although our Dodgion's Tank of Rockhaus is the grandsire, this Tank was named after the Conklin's youngest son whose nickname is "Tank". 
     The Conklin family tells us that Tank weighs approximately 90 lbs., is big and friendly, and is everything they wanted in an AB.  It is always wonderful to hear that you were able to produce an AB that is "everything" a family wanted. 
     Tank looks so much like his momma, Ruby, and from their description of him, he has her sound temperament too.  We could not have asked for more out of him.
     We are grateful to Bill, Kerri and their sons for giving our pup such a loving home, and look forward to updating this page as Tank matures.

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