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Dodgion's American Bulldogs

Gr Ch Dodgion's Sili Lili of Dazia, CGC, JA, UCICB (DOB: 9/25/99)

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     Lili is an Ironman Tyson x Tinker Bell Lopez offspring.  At 2 years old she became an ABA Grand Champion and is a UCICB International Champion.  As you can tell, Lili was our "show dog".  Bob really enjoyed showing her because she "showed herself", much like her grandfather Tank. 
     As Lili has matured, she has become very protective of home while still maintaining her sound, stable temperament outside the yard.  Lili has a very serious look about her that makes her appear less friendly to strangers; however, she loves attention and is neither people or dog aggressive in public.  Since she is our only AB now (tragically we lost both our Ruby and Rudy within less than a month in February and March of 2006), she is the recipient of all our love and attention.  We have a sign that hangs over our front door that says, "Spoiled rotten dog lives here", and that describes Lili perfectly.
     Lili is trained in obedience and has her CGC.  Lili has been ready to try the OB1 for quite awhile; unfortunately, mom isn't ready and mom is the one who trained her and would have to trial her.  We're going to start working on that again!

Lili looking sili . . .
The look that named her!

What's the hold up here?
Don't we have a show to go to?

What is this cold, wet stuff I'm standing on?
Let me in by the warm fire!

Lili's poppa . . .
Ironman Tyson

Lili's momma . . .
Tinker Bell Lopez



Bob & Paulette Dodgion
1800 Hoskins Lane
Auburn, CA  95603
(530) 368-6456 or (530) 263-3456